The Adventures of team Hoot Hoot

Trouble in Greenest

After the group had been hiding a while and waiting for the guards to stop looking for them. They decided to get out of town after rumors of a warrant being placed on them. Once out of town they headed towards Greenest to find out more about this Severin Silrajin. They traveled with and got a chance to know each other a bit better.

After 2 days of travel, they decided to rest for a while and during the night. Gardarrin heard an immense boom from the bushes. He then proceeded to weak up the crew and with his sneaky skill went towards the sound. An Half-Giant was roaming around and when Gardarrin tried to scare him with his fantastic voice… he disappeared. In all the confusion Gwinn and Isis pointed out that it was a Firbolg… and it can turn it self invisible. Everyone went on high alert. Not beacuse of the Firbolg, but that Gardarran proceeded to steal from its backpack. The Firbolg turned out to be friendly and Gardarran was forced to give back what he stole. When returning to camp they saw goblins snooping around in their stuff. Gardarran full self esteem blew his stealth by shouting "I did a thing!" on the top of his lungs. In the end all the goblins died.

When the group arrived at Greenest they were shocked to find what they saw. A dragon was flying over the town. And black smoke pillars was dotted around town. Because of this they waited for the dragon to leave. Once it was gone they went through the gates only to attacked by guards with a dragon crest on their armor and acolytes with dragon symbols.

All of a sudden several people rund out from a bulding with a woman following behind them with a spear and shield. She was fending off some cobalt's. The semi-functional group helped her and found out that her name was, Linan Swift. Everyone agreed to help her get the people out of Greenest. And they did it in a successful manor. The semi-functional grup had become functional even though Alrathor almost took the nose of Thyrias. And Thyrias again forgot how to cast spells at one moment.

They grouped up on the outskirt of town and noone knows what to do next


Eirin torhalvard_svendsen

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