The Adventures of team Hoot Hoot

First Day in Waterdeep

Main session 1

Gwinn, Isis and Alrathor arrived in Waterdeep, only to meet a tiefling and a drow who tried to scam them. It ended badly, for the scammers. Thyrias and Gardarron were badly bruised, but the trio took pity on the poor scammers and took them to the Rosehill Inn, where they tried to get to know each other.

During their somewhat pleasant conversation, Isis overheard a half-orc talking to a small group of humans and elves about a cult of dragons, a man named Severin Silrajin and a town named Greenest. He was a peculiar sight, as he had an owlbear cub in his lap. She tried talking to him, but he wasn't very talkative.

Suddenly a chair came flying through the air and hit Gardarron in the face. Two bandits tried to start a brawl, which turned out to be a really bad ide as the group wound up killing them.

The barkeep didn't seem to like it though, and called for the guards. The group ran for it, and hid in a cellar Gardarron knew about.


Eirin Eirin

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